18. College student hoping to one day end up back in the UK.


Pros and cons of boys:

  • Con: They’re dicks
  • Pro: Their dicks

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i am three years behind in my math homework

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A bottle of red made with data.Finding the perfect wine used to mean going to a good wine store, discussing your future meal with a sales person and trying to remember the wine the next time you buy. Now all you have to do is go to a website, like that of Bordeaux-based fine wine merchant Millesima. With data, they can help any customer, anywhere in the world, select the right bottle, for the right meal, the right climate, time of year, you name it. Plus you don’t have to soak off the label to remember the name and vintage when you want to buy it again. Explore more stories →

Can’t afford the trip down to Florida to swim with the dolphins? Swim with these dolphin-esque bananas instead.
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i’ll kick anyone’s ass. i’ll kick your ass. i’ll kick your dog’s ass. i’ll kick my own ass